Saturday, December 17, 2011


Ashley and Gracie are really good at reminding me to say our prayers together at night. It's so adorable to listen to the things their 5 and 6 year old minds think of. When Gracie's praying, Ashley will whisper words to her like, "Remember to say that we won't be scared tonight." Lately they've been overly concerned with the house catching on fire while they sleep so every night they both pray for our house to not start on fire haha. Gracie's prayer tonight especially made me smile. Here's a few things Gracie asked Heavenly Father for tonight:

  • "Bless the babies in my aunts to grow healfy."

  • "Bless Matt on his mission that he'll find people who want to learn more about Jesus."

  • "Bless Mom to find a husband."

  • "Bless Mom to find a job."

  • "Thanks for Clayboy to flush our car." (Apparently she overhears conversations I don't know aobut- My uncle's auto shop flushed the heater core yesterday to fix the heater and now our car actually gets warm :)

  • "Bless us to be safe and not have bad dreams all night." (She slept in my bed most of the night last night because of her bad dreams.)

I feel very lucky to be part of my Gracie's prayers. I know hers have to go straight to the top :)


Andrea said...

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!_

Cher said...

so sweet. she totally gets it. lucy still just mostly says things she hears us say. i'm excited when she says cute things like that that show what she really wishes for.